Only in LAG: Drying Dinner

Only in LAG: Drying Dinner

When you go to Héctor’s restaurant you are surely getting the freshest al dente fettucini pasta in La Antigua Guatemala. I chose fettucini alfredo; it was delicious! 😉

With kind of sauce do you prefer for pasta dishes?


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  • I prefer northern Italian, not too tomatoey. No cream sauce please! Went to the Hector link: looks like good food!

  • A wonderful photo of some yummy pasta! I’m not picky – either white or red sauce! How about a little wine to go with it?!

  • I’ve never even seen pasta made fresh. This is drying between the diners’ tables? Cool!

    Light cream, olive oil or fresh tomato — doesn’t matter as long as it’s seafood and vegetables. 🙂

  • Eric

    If it’s from Hector’s, I will take any kind of sauce available. It will be spectacular, como siempre. I know I have only eaten at Hector’s once, but it was enough to have me recommend it to people waaaaay up here in el Norte Helado.
    Gracias, Rudy! Tengo mucha hambre!

  • I’m with Eric. Go with a few people and sample all of Hector’s pasta dishes. We are in a fresh pasta making mode at home and a sauce of garlic, basil and anchovies is a favorite. It’s called “Elich” (rhymes with “the beach”) but I’m pretty sure this is not how to spell it. Rudy, thanks for transporting us back to Hector’s! Cheers, Shelley

  • I love pasta! No importa de que manera, It’s all good 🙂

  • Beautiful.

  • Pesto!!! But I agree… any of the above are RICO!

    Geez, now you’ve given me a craving for Hector’s. I already go almost once a week!