Theme Day: Waiting

Waiting for the Novios

Since La Antigua is the wedding capital of Guatemala and very often used as wedding destination for couples the world over, it comes as no surprise that often there is plenty of waiting going around. Waiting for the bride, waiting for bridegroom, waiting for the photographer, waiting the parents, waiting for… you name it. Such was the case in this particular instance where this 1950’s old automobile was waiting for the wedding party.

I wonder what is the brand and model of this vehicle, do you know?

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  • Rudy, superb image for today’s theme. post card perfect

  • This photograph has such a timeless quality to it. I love the colours that you have included and the shape and model of the bridal vehicle. Although there is waiting for the bride, the style of photograph is timeless.

    Such a very lovely post for our Theme Day today.

  • Inspired and uplifting choice for Theme Day. Wonderful old car. I see cars like this at the car exhibitions in Menton but haven’t a clue what it is. A beautiful photograph – the building, colours, vegetation and of course the composition.

  • I think that Julie and Jilly said it all, and I agree with them. It’s an excellent choice!

  • love it!

  • Beautiful image, like stepping back in time….

  • I wonder how long you were waiting to post this pic. Nice colours and the location is superb (although my bias is relative).

  • MO

    Very nice picture. Love it!
    Remove the color and *BAM* this picture could pass for a 1950 scene.

  • Luis Samayoa

    Rudy, the car in the photo is not from the 40’s. It is a 1948 Custom Kaiser 4 Door Sedan. It might also be confused with the 1947 Kaiser 4 Door Sedan. But, because on the side it is clear the word Custom, I would bet it is the 1948 Kaiser model. Sometimes it is also confused with the 1949 Kaiser 4 Door Sedan. The 1949 grill on the front was a little bit different. Other might confused the car with the Frazer Sedan of 1947,48 or 49. Read below.

    Additional information about the car:

    The Kaiser – Frazer Corporation was incorporated in Nevada on August 9, 1945. The principals, Henry J. Kaiser , the famous western indutrialist, teamed up with Joseph Frazer, an old hand in the auto industry, to build cars bearing their names.

    Kaiser – Frazer cars were built between 1946 and 1955 in the United States. The marque was reborn as the Kaiser Carabela in Argentina in 1958, along with the Willys line of vehicles, having been acquired by Kaiser in 1953.

    Kaiser stopped building passenger cars in the United Sates in 1955, after about 735,000 cars had been built. Kaiser continued to build the Jeep until 1970, when the line was sold to American Motors.

    The 1947 Kaiser debuted in late 1946. The 1948 model has the distinction of having the single highest production run of any KF model, about 93,000 cars.

    The 1947-48 Frazer was nearly identical to the Kaiser. Except for it’s grille and interior, they are the same car. The initial idea was for Kaiser and Graham Paige Frazer to operate in the same plant, share expenses, but market two different cars.

    I hope this answers your question about the car.

  • Luis Samayoa

    Rudy, in my previous reply I meant to say “Rudy, the car in the photo is not from the 50’s”.

    Sorry for the error.

  • I thought the car looked a bit like an old Daimler but suspected it was probably an American cousin.

    Very sleek and elegant.

  • Eric

    All I want to know about the car is … will it take me to Hector’s for some fresh pasta ? Ja-ja-ja

  • Erick

    Is Rudy okay? Where are the daily pics Wed and Thurs? =)

  • What a beauty of a car perfect for the WAITING theme day! Sorry I missed it until now!

  • Claudia

    So romantique . . esp. love the wrought iron gate design as well and the cascading leaves on top of the wall and arch.

  • Terri E. Mellinger

    Are there any photos of a traditional Mayan wedding, in particular, the Mayan wedding dress?

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