Skateboarding in La Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park

Skateboarding in La Antigua Guatemala's Central Park

Roller skaters and skate-boarders using the Central Park is something you don’t see very often. There are plenty of skaters in La Antigua Guatemala, but they are not allowed to use Parque Central. The exception was made on December 1 as part of activities for Día mundial del sida (World Aids Day).

I also took advantage of the relax atmosphere I took quite a number of jumps. Check out the slide show. Enjoy!


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  • Nice to see kids having so much fun.:)

  • Erick

    I would have no teeth left by the time I was done attempting one of those skateboard tricks/jumps. You captured some cool shots.

  • I’m from North Crolina and my name is Antonio vargas Francis and i been skating for almost 10 years,and i believe i can get sponsor in Guatemala cause in USA i did,but me and my team have to do several kind of tricks,such as 360 flip off a 10 stairs,and inward hillflip off of the Big Three’s..which makes a 8 stairs and grind down the eight,everything is very hard and now i havent skated anymore cause i got my ankle dilocated and my friend Matt Fulcher broke his Wrist. But my friend steven Tanner sill skate,and we want to go live in guatemala one day,,is up to G.O.D