Typical Laundry Day in Antigua Guatemala

Typical Laundry Day in Antigua Guatemala

I have shown you before the Tanque de la Unión public washbasins, but I don’t think I ever showed you what they look like in a typical laundry day in Antigua Guatemala.

Below you can find two different takes on the same Tanque de la Unión from Upside Down Arches and Arches Reflected.

Upside Down Arches Arches reflected on Tanque de la Unión


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  • Just SUPERB shots!!:-)

  • ;O) I live very close by, and the different scenes of a typical laundry day are very full of colors, particularly in the mornings when the Volcán de Agua is very clear, ;O) Great photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • love the pics.

  • I like the color.