Top View of Iglesia de La Merced

Iglesia de La Merced

One of the goals of AntiguaDailyPhoto is to bring you new fresh vistas from the same hackneyed places. Today’s is an example of a new perspective for the overly-exposed Iglesia de La Merced, quite possibly Antigua Guatemala’s most photographed church.

Even I have already shown you the façade, the dome, the atrium, the main doorway, the baroque details of Iglesia de La Merced. I have tried not to show you the most obvious places and the most often photographed sites unless I can bring a new fresh vista or a different angle. Remember, this is not a tourist-oriented site (well, at least I try not to make it one).

Have I succeeded, please, let me know your thoughts?


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  • Well, I have to say that this is indeed a new perspective -and one I’ve never had the pleasures of seeing- of La Merced.

  • I took a picture quite similar from the terrace of El Sereno (by the way, superb food). It was around December 20 four years ago, so the sky looked like this, simply spectacular! Your photos have the ability to make me travel in time…

  • Just came across your site as I was searching recipes on Chuchitos for Christmas. I got stuck looking at your pictures and reminiscing on how beautiful my hometown is.

  • Gorgeous perspective. Perhaps one of my favs.

  • Stephanie

    Yes, you have succeeded! This photo made me think of Gothic cathedrals and how there are details that can only be seen from above (a view not possible at the time they were built). Even though La Merced is nowhere near as ornate as a Gothic cathedral, I am struck by the details (particularly the white) so near the top of it and how a higher angle looks so different than from the ground. I would love to see a photo of it even more “from above”! Is there any higher point you can view it from?

  • it looks like a postcard, so beautiful. Love it:)

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