Visiting San Felipe de Jesús on the Weekends

Visiting the Mercado de San Felipe

San Felipe de Jesús is just a small town next to La Antigua Guatemala, which has its own particularities. San Felipe’s church is gothic, its market is cozy, there are many options to have some delicious food… So, why not pay a visit to San Felipe on a Saturday or Sunday? I guess I am becoming a bit obsessed with Sundays, as there is plenty to do 😉 Don’t forget to tour around all the villages of La Antigua Guatemala; there’s more to come. Stay tune!

text and photos by Arturo Godoy

Mercado de San Felipe: Tecolotes Mercado de San Felipe: Ceramic Animals and Figures
Iglesia de San Felipe Silueta de un arco gótico


© 2009 – 2013, Arturo Godoy. All rights reserved.

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  • Mmmmmm, this made me think about a delicious revolcado in a tiny restaurant close to the main plaza… and speaking of towns in the surroundings, Parramos, just to enjoy lunch at Casa del Abuelo.

  • Ah, Erin, ok, some next stop it will be at Parramos, ;O) Thank you very much!!!

  • I like the concept of the picture of the shadow of the arch!

  • @Arturo, see I told you the shadow of the arch is a winner! 😉

  • nice pics, my favorite is the shadow one.

  • ;O) ;O) ;O) Thank you Laura, Rudy and Sheila, ;O) ;O) ;O)

  • Stephanie

    I really like these photos. I particularly like the use of turning the camera a bit sideways. If done too much it would become tiresome, but in these photos it works very, very well. I think the basket photo would not be nearly as interesting if it was a straight shot. Metaphorically, it’s a good reminder to shift our perspective to see something ordinary in a new way.

  • Stephanie, thank you very much, and you are totally right, changing the angle does change perspective, so it does help in keeping a broad perspective, hence open mind to everything. That’s lovely of photography, that it helps in this matter, ;O) ;O) ;O) Again, thank you!!!

  • Eric

    Aja! Los Tecolotes estan en San Felipe de Jesus! Gracias, Arturo – I was looking for these on my last visit to La Antigua, but did not find any that I liked. Now I know that, maybe, I need to step outside of the city limits of La Antigua a bit more, no ?
    Me gusta la photo del arco … almost as if it was a frame waiting for a picture. I think my favorite is the ceramics and the bags, con la familia esperando para …? Another story waiting to happen. Bien hecho!

  • Eric, wow, yes, going out on the sorroundings gives a broader and more gorgeous view and experience of what Antigua is… Thank you very much indeed!!! I like the way you wrote “almost as if was a frame waiting for a picture”, and I would say that it indeed was!!! Cheeeeeers!!!!!!!!!!!