Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad…

Feliz Navidad

Christmas is such a quite and relax day in Guatemala, except for the burning of fireworks and firecrackers at noon and 6 p.m., most Guatemalans stay home watching movies, sleeping, eating and spending time with the family.

How does your family celebrate Christmas?

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  • eating, ice skating, eating, sledding, eating, drinking, skiing, eating, drinking, watching a movie

  • Stephanie

    I love the watermelon and pineapple in this nativity. They are not only charming, but also a wonderful embodiment of the personal nature of faith. Not a distant, once-upon-a-time, historically inaccurate but assumed to be real, kind of image — it, instead, is a collapse of time that brings the past and present together in a real and meaningful way.

    As for Christmas here (in my interfaith home in the USA)…On Christmas eve we had friends over for dinner. The meal was a traditional one in my husband’s family: lasagna, spaghetti, meatballs, sausage, assorted vegetables. Our new tradition: a snowman-shaped cake that I make. On Christmas morning our son opened presents under the Christmas tree (1 from Santa, 1 from mom, 1 from dad, and assorted gifts from grandparents). Then he played. After lunch we all napped. Then we watched a couple of children’s Christmas movies. The rest of the weekend has been taken up with baking cookies, playing and ice skating.

  • Eating, watching TV, talking, more eating,go for walks out in the snow, on the beach etc. visiting friends, more food and more books and films….
    Enjoy your holiay and HAPPY NEW YEAR too!:-)