Can you spot the Chevere Guy?

Can you spot the Chevere Guy?

The two most famous Guatemalan hot dogs are shucos and cheveres. I have covered Guatemalan shucos hotdogs often enough that I believe you know them now. Only once I have talked about cheveres… this is what I wrote:

“Chevere” is a Venezuelan Spanish word which means cool, fine, excelent, okay, just to mention a few of its meaning. Well, about the origin of the chevere word, I don’t know; perhaps it is not even Venezuelan. Nonetheless, the word is understood and used in Central America.

In Guatemala, a company of hot dogs decided to use it as its name in the late seventies or early eighties. The company did things right and it was a total hit and the Chevere brand became almost as omnipresent as Coca Cola, Pepsi and the Gallo Beer. It was everywhere.

The Chevere hot dog is very simple indeed, and maybe that was its strong point. The Guatemalan chevere hot was prepared (and still is) with a bun, one or two salchichas (Spanish for hot dog sausage), grated raw cabbage, mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup; Picamás green chili sauce made from chiltepes was available on request.

I don’t know what happened to the company in the late eighties or nineties, but today you can barely find the infamous Chevere hot dog cart in a few places, like Panjachel, Xela, La Antigua and Guatemala City.

In La Antigua Guatemala I have seen three Chevere hot dog carts: one on the Alameda Santa Lucí a, in front of the Rafael Landivar Memorial; another cart right across the IGSS park on the road to San Felipe; and the Chevere cart picture above right outside the San Francisco El Grande Church (burial home to Santo Hermano Pedro de Betancourt).

Here is a question for those who have visited Guatemala and for those Guatemalans living abroad, when was the last time you had a Chevere hot dog and where? Did you have more than one?

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  • Nice question! :D, precisamente me comí uno el 25 de diciembre, allí en la carreta cerca del IGSS, mientras esperaba la procesión de la Virgen de la O, no lo pude evitar!

  • Erick

    Better late than never, so….Merry Xmas Rudy and everyone else on here. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the festivities and didn’t have too much “guaro”, but if you did – hopefully you shared. =)

    The last time I had a “chevere” was about 22 years ago or so, when I still lived in Guate. I remember that my mom would buy me either a “chevere” or a “gauchito”, depending on which one was available. I’m not sure if my digestive system would allow me to have either one nowadays, but they were certainly delicious.

  • Claudia

    Me acabo de comer uno en Xela…delicioso!

  • Maureen

    There´s a little Chevere “Comedor” in la zona 1 of Guatemala city, aparently it´s very popular in the neighborhood and I think they have even added a few extras to the menu!

    • @Maureen, in the 80s, there Chevere restaurants in many places and a fleet of hot dogs carts. Nowadays, I believe only the brand exists and most Chevere carts are owned by the individuals who sell hotdogs.