Chocobananos and Chocofresas for Sale

Chocobananos and Chocofresas for Sale

When was the last time you had chocobananos or chocofresas? Do you know what they are?

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  • I know what they are, ;O) but I don’t remember when was the last time I had them 🙁 HAAAAAAAAPPY NEW YEAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is one of those quirky little details I LOVE about La Antigua! Chocobananos, homemade ice cream and more all sold from the doors of random little houses. See a sign, knock or ring and walk away with a treat as little as Q2 or Q3. When I lived on Calle San Luquitas there was a place that sold the homemade ice cream flavored in chocolate, coconut, strawberry, jocote and more. Some of the best ice cream I ever tasted in LAG!

  • Raquel

    Oh I miss chocobananos…especially in the summer. I was so excited a couple of years ago to find something similar in one of the malls here – or so I thought. It tasted all wrong and was ridiculously expensive for an imposter. Sigh, nothing compares to homemade chocobanano goodness!

    And I agree Laura, some of the best ice cream I ever had was in LAG too!

  • Florcolleran

    I miss those special treats 🙂