I want gringas, You want gringas…

I want gringas, you want gringas, everyone wants gringas; how many gringas for you?

Gringas are tacos made with flour tortillas and cheese. For some unknown reason, gringas are very popular in Guatemala. Believe it or not, Mexican cuisine has not succeeded into making its way into Guatemala the same way as in the U.S.A. and the world. I find this very strange since there’s a huge overlap of ingredients in both kitchens. Tacos and gringas are probably the best samples of Mexican cuisine available in Guatemala, yet the selection of tacos and salsas leaves much to be desired and the flavor is not quite right. I would venture to say that tacos and gringas taste more like Guatemalan cuisine than Mexican.

Why do think Mexican cuisine has failed to enter the Guatemalan palate?

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  • Mmmmm… I didn’t eat the greasy tacos a lot but when I did… I loved them. As you can see in the pic linked. A gringa eating a gringa!! hahaha


  • Erick

    That just sounds wrong, but funny.

  • Ah Laura, I’m glad you are back!!! ;O)
    I’m craving for some tacos now!!!!!! ;O) ;O) ;O)

  • Looks so good. Mmmm.

  • Esther

    I believe there has always been a competitive and resentment attitude among Guatemalans and Mexicans. I am a 1st generation Mexican American and I have a full fleged Guatemalan husband. Every time I am around his family there is always some sniped remark about something Mexican (ie: food, culture, people, etc…) I figure it must have started when Mexico took land away from Guatemala or visa versa. But that was so long ago and yet my husband’s family is still resentful.

  • Michael Bosio

    I believe the resentment goes back to the conquest when Pedro Alvarado brought Mexican allies with him to conquer the Mayans. Even though Guatemala has a high illiteracy rate, and people don’t read much, they are still reminded of this Mexican duplicity in all the names of places and things that are derived from this conquest. If you know one of the Indigenous languages, you will find that these places and things still have perfectly good Cakchiquel, Quiche, Mam, etc. names.

  • mr guacamole

    duqde youre so fucking retarded its not like MEXICAN /// GUATEMALAN or BLACK WHITE DIFFERENCE