It’s Atol Time!

It's Atol Time!

Like I said before, if there were a Guatemalan National Drink, surely “atol blanco” would be it. Atol blanco is one of the most emblematic drinks of the Guatemalan repertoire. Very few meals or drinks can define or identify a Guatemalan like atol blanco (white atole). Atol blanco is the drink that defines your ‘guatemalanness’; not coffee, like I have stated before (Sorry). There are other atoles, of course, but only atol blanco is present in the morning and afternoon refacción, snack time. Further, atol blanco can be found through out Guatemala in several styles from sweet, sugar added, to chili added only of the Verapaces.

Please, tell us when was the last time you had atol blanco? Where did you have atol blanco?


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  • Erick

    Is atol blanco the one that comes with frijoles? I could be mistaking, but as a kid, my grandpa would take me to “el mercado” to get some atol, which I remember being white, but also had frijoles in it. It wasn’t sweet though. By the way, I really enjoy these posts; they take me way back to some very enjoyable memories I have of my family and Guatemala. Thanks.

  • david

    I am one of the few people who hates atol blanco. I have never understood it. I was only given it when I was sick, and then it was made sweet and with milk. The one time I had it, usweetened and mith beans and hot sauce on it, I could not drink it. Perhaps if they called it soup I could have.

  • Manolo

    What define your Guatemalaness is el meneadito that you use to cool down your atol.

  • Among the many versions of Atol Blanco, the one I remember was sweeten with freshly made melcocha. All you have to do is add some pieces of melcocha to the hot atol and swirl the glass not just to cool down the atol but most important, to help the melcocha to melt… What a treat!

  • MO

    I love atol blanco with chili. It’s been a very long time since I had a cup of hot atol blanco. Also, one of my favorites atoles is atol de elote with little granitos de elote thrown in and cinnamon powder sprinkled on top.

  • I love atol de masa, with the beans and chile and if you can have a tostada with it. I like all kinds of atoles, i grew up with all of them.

  • Eclipsedeluna

    I Love atol blanco, but I had never had atol blanco with beans or chile!.. creo que eso es costumbre de los capitaleños. Now I want some.. I’m gonna make me some at home tonight! 🙂 I love atoles! atol de ava, atol de 13 cereales, atol de elote, atol de xuchil.. alguien lo a tomado?? este atol es riquisimo y yo solo lo tome en la costa.

  • Atol Blanco, after leaving La Antigua, we head it towards San Marcos to have Atol de Elote.

  • The atol de elote (corn atole) was my favorite growing up along with some tostadas of guacamol, frijoles (beans), salsa (tomato sauce)!
    But the atol blanco is really good!