Life Is Good!

Life Is Good!

Split a life in two; then in decades; the decades in years; the years in days and so on. Life is just a string of fleeting moments; like a necklace of beads strung together. Life is good the moment one begins appreciating the brief instants that occur everyday; that bring happiness, peace or perhaps a tear. Short lapses of time like a sunset can bring good feelings if one is ready to accept them. Break often to smell the coffee, to hear the fountain, to appreciate the falling leaves; a passing cloud over a lit park.

If we were the least as Funes the Memorious, we could perceive everything in full detail and remember it all. If we were the least as Funes el memorioso, we could feel, shiver really, with the form of a constantly changing flame. Instead, most us have poor memory like René from the film Wintersleepers, so we need take advantage of every opportunity to capture those distant instants. Life pues!

That’s what I do; I take pictures of the quotidian life of La Antigua Guatemala to share with you. In the process, I focus on the fleeting moments and sometimes I am able to capture some of them. Like René, one picture at a time I build my life puzzle, my memory, my good life. 😉

To close this incoherent entry, I would like to share with you this tender and thought-provoking melody by Rockdrigo González entitled Distante instante. I would love to hear your impressions, your pondering, your feelings pues.

© 2010 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • OK Rudy, right now I can’t figure out if this post or some of Laura’s are just the best of the best of the entries herein. How dare you call it an incoherent entry? Hmm, after having almost a handful of near death moments, trust me, your entry is, for the lack of better words, perfectly coherent. If people lived life as we do, or we try to do, this whole world would be better, at least that’s what I believe… What do you believe?

  • Nice entry Rudy, you’re dead right! 😉

  • Anne Groombridge

    I agree with everything Arturo said. I understand, and agree completely with the sentiments that you expressed in this post. It’s just so, so true what you say. Lovely photo of the Parque as well. Thank you for allowing us to follow your journey of fleeting moments. It is especially fulfilling that your journey takes place predominantly in and around LAG, because in my own mind I am right there with you, and there is nowhere else I’d rather be in the entire world.

  • Pues this post should be called from now on the “Optimist Manifesto” that proclaims the “dictatorship of the moment”. Many many thoughts. Some sort of “new nostalgia” is born on me after reading this. Connections with the past: Intellectual musings about Funes looking at the Aleph, about the impossibility of happiness but only of happy moments.
    The song, like life, is good. Melancholic folk. Thank you for introducing to me this Mexican singer. You always contribute to our education, sentimental and otherwise.
    Saludos mi amigo antigueño.

  • What beautiful words and a lovely picture to go with it. I think all of us that follow you can and know how to appreciate each moment that’s why we take time to enjoy your site, and thank you for sharing.

  • Luis Samayoa

    Today I woke up feeling somehow a little bit disheartened but your words, especially “Life is good the moment one begins appreciating the brief instants that occur everyday that bring happiness” have reminded me that there are worse things in life.

    Thank you for this very uplifting post, it could be one of the most profound writings you have done so don’t cheat yourself by thinking that you were incoherent.

    Did the earthquake in Haiti prompt you to include the music of Rodrigo Gonzales “El Profeta Del Nopal”?

    This talented musician and songwriter died in the 1985 Mexico City earthquake at the young age of 34. I love his songs especially the lyrics. The song “Distant Instant” appears in his CD “Urbanistorias” which also has my favorite song “No Tengo Tiempo (De Cambiar Mi Vida)”.

    The songs of Rockdrigo seem to be a perfect fit for antiguadailyphoto.

  • MO

    To you Rudy a hardy YA VAS! Right on brother, right on. Life is so freaking good.

  • Embracing the life at its best! That is the only way to live the only life I have and you my friend, almost every morning, make me fell so much joy, good memories, new beads to string in my necklace…

  • Raquel

    Rudy! This entry is so fitting for today – it is almost uncanny.
    This past week my small community in Canda mourned the death of two young men I went to school with who were both killed in a sudden car crash. Tonight I logged on to Facebook to learn that another young girl was killed in an accident this morning. As the community reels after the deaths of three vibrant young lives – your words ring especially true. May we all remember how precious and fragile each moment we are given truly is – and may we use the moments given us here to prepare our hearts for that day when we are called out of the moment and into eternity.
    Thank you for this beautiful post.

  • Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. You guys and gals are awesome!

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