What time is it?

What time is it?

Yo creo que es hora de regresar a nuestras clases de español (I think it’s time to come back to our Spanish Classes).

What question and answer can you invent for this photo?


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  • norm kwallek

    The bus is an hour late, maybe we should just hoof it, it is all downhill from here anyway. You can walk but I’m waiting for that bus.

  • The movie is at 8 pm, so we have time to grab a drink with Rudy and Arturo before.

  • Catherine from Oregon

    Oh buddy, I see by my watch you are late … better get you and that fro back to the 70’s.

  • Carlos

    These two guys are really boring. I rather just stare at my watch.

  • Raquel

    “Are you sure the restraunt he said isn’t in the guidebook?”
    “man, we are going to be SO late..”