Smoke Signals from Volcán de Fuego

Smoke Signals from Volcán de Fuego

Have I told you how much I love the dry season in Guatemala (November through April)? Well, I do for so many reasons, like the dry season is also the cooler, even chilly, time of the year. The quality of light is superb and thus the sunsets are incredible almost every day. Because all the winds blowing from the big white north, the skies are clear and the volcanoes are bare naked (without the fluffy clouds). And Volcán de Fuego begins its relentless activity sending smoke signals several times through the day. I believe this picture encapsulates quiet well the reasons why I love the dry season.

So, what are you waiting for, pack your luggage and come to La Antigua Guatemala before the rains come again!


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  • Carlos

    Such a beautiful pic from such a beautiful city.

  • We’re convinced. We’ll be there on Monday!

  • There you have it! What a reward after those elusive days you couldn’t photograph the volcano! For myself? This is nothing but a beautiful gift to put light in a gray and rainy day in Texasland…

  • wow!

  • Photo I took from just one block up! 😉

  • Bill Butler Wade

    Awesome pic…I went for 11 days to Antigua in November, 2008. I am ready to go back!