Luna de Antigua

Luna de Antigua Guatemala

«Luna de Xelajú», “Moon of Xelajú”, has to be the most popular Guatemalan waltz played on marimba and quite possibly the most famous Guatemalan marimba song. “Xelajú” (pronounced shay-lah-HOO) is the old Mayan name for the Guatemalan city Quetzaltenango, still often popularly called “Xelajú” or “Xela”.

Now, I wonder why nobody has made such a song about La Antigua Guatemala’s moon; which is, if I may say so myself, just as enchanting and inspiring. Since Xe-la-jú is a three syllable word, the same as An-ti-gua, could we pretend the song also applies to the beautiful and enchanting Antigua Guatemala, right? 😉

Anyway, in my never ending quest of bringing you the contrast of the ‘Old’ Guatemala versus the ‘New’ Guatemala, I share with you two new versions of Luna de Xelajú. The first rendition of Luna de Xelajú is by Malacates Trebol Shop. The second version of Luna de Xelajú is performed by the group Abracadabra. Next, you will find the lyrics for Luna de Xelajú in Spanish and English right below. Last but not least, you can watch and hear the Marimba of Bellas Artes performed Luna de Xelajú. Enjoy!

Luna de Xelajú lyrics in Spanish:

Luna gardenia de plata,
Que en mi serenata,
Te vuelves canción,
Tú que me viste cantando, me ves hoy llorando,
Mi desilusión,

Calles bañadas de luna,
Que fueron la cuna de mi juventud,
Vengo a cantarle a mi amada,
La luna plateada de mi Xelajú,

Luna de Xelajú,
Que supiste alumbrar,
En mis noches de pena,
Por una morena de dulce mirar,

Luna de Xelajú,
Me diste inspiración,
La canción que hoy te canto,
Regada con llanto de mi corazón,

En mi vida no habrá,
Más cariño que tú,
Mi amor,

Porque no eres ingrata,
Mi luna de plata,
Luna de Xelajú,

Luna que me alumbró,
En mis noches de amor,
Y hoy consuelas mi pena,
Por una morena que me abandonó…

Luna de Xelajú lyrics in English:

Moon, silver gardenia,
In my serenade,
You turn into song,
You who saw me singing, now see me crying,
My disillusionment,

Streets bathed in moonlight,
That were the cradle of my youth,
I come to sing to my beloved,
The silver moon of my Xelajú,

Moon of Xelajú,
You knew how to shine,
In my nights of grief,
For a sweet looking dark-haired girl

Moon of Xelajú,
You gave me inspiration,
The song that I now sing,
Watered with the tears from my heart,

In my life there will not be,
More love than you,
My love,

Because you were not ungrateful,
My moon of silver,
Moon of Xelajú,

Moon that shone,
In my nights of love,
Now you console my grief,
For a dark-haired girl who abandoned me…

(source: Wikipedia)

© 2010 – 2014, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    Beautiful photo ! Thanks for all the info. about Luna de Xelaju…I have only heard the marimba tune, I never knew there were lyrics, too.
    We probably had a beautiful full moon last weekend, but we couldn’t see it through the SNOW CLOUDS. Dios mio, I really need a cappuccino from Fernando’s…and a plane ticket…:)

  • Stephanie

    Mas marimbas, por favor! I love the music and my son loves watching them.

  • I love the song, i grew up hearing marimba everyday on chapinlandia. My grandmother knew all the lyrics, i always thought she was making the words up. Thanks for the marimba song and ofcourse the pic.

  • Don Rudy, can I ask for this photo instead of the pila? 😉 Say you can… pls. For me “Luna” and “Luna de X” are synonyms of serenade.I have to get back home to listen to your versions. I have it with the Cuarteto Pentaforum (a string quartet)on an arrangement by Joaquin Orellana. And a few years ago it used to be my ringtone(midi file) for someone’s phone number.

  • Rudy, you have absolutely made my day; this is my favorite song ever and the picture is just breathtaking!

  • Qué foto más linda Rudy!
    “Luna de Xelajú,
    Me diste inspiración…”

  • What a post! the photo, superb; the music selection, unforgettable; the lyrics of the song, a beautiful detail. Thank you very much!

  • Chilera tu foto..

    I liked this song, I have another version I am sure is unique and is Luna de Xelajú in a Harmonica y downtown Xela, some material I got for the “someday” XDP 🙁

  • My heart hurts… I want to go back. 🙁

  • I love this song……

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