Colonial Kitchen And Modern Appliances

Colonial Kitchen with Modern Appliances

Like I said yesterday, “my never ending quest of bringing you the contrast of the ‘Old’ Guatemala versus the ‘New’ Guatemala…”

Also, I believe I mentioned before that living in La Antigua Guatemala is not like time traveling to the past, but rather, it’s more like collapsing the time-distance among different time periods so that they co-exist all at once. Am I making any sense?

When I grow up, I want to have a kitchen like that; wouldn’t you? 😉

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  • Yes, you are making a lot of sense. That kitchen is beautiful. Thanks for the pic.

  • Eric

    Do I have to wait until I grow up? I want that kitchen right now!
    Nice shot, Rudy. Very inspirational for me, as well. There must be a reason why I continue to live here in the great white (and frozen) north…but what is it….?

  • norm kwallek

    Is that a wood fired oven in the right hand corner?

  • sjbj

    totally makes sense…and so wonderful…the best of both worlds, old and new….

  • @Eric: I feel your pain.
    @Rudy: Nice kitchen, but not even with the best job available for a “local” psychologist in Guate could I have afforded that.
    There is an issue with the beer post. No comments allowed. Maybe Guate Beer is “no comments” 😉

  • Stephanie

    We’re starting to work on plans to re-do our kitchen. I was excited about it until I saw this. How I wish we could build a kitchen like this. Sigh.