The Bicycle Culture of Antigua Guatemala

The Bicycle Culture of Antigua Guatemala

One of the things that most people notice when they get to La Antigua Guatemala is the large quantity, critical mass really, of people riding bicycles. This is even more true if one ever walks around town between 5 and 6 in the morning when all the workers are coming into town from their homes in the surrounding villages.

Have you noticed the all the ciclistas around town?

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  • A cyclist carrying a 20 foot stick of rebar in one hand. An omage seared into my brain.

  • This is a good contrast piece to what you wrote on obesity. People are eating more junk food but at least they are including some form of exercise in their daily routine. I bet you don’t see too many chubby cyclists.
    By the way, I was browsing Antigua Realty from your site and there are some good deals, compared to real estate here in California…. What do you think?

  • Guy on the bike: “Don’t you dare take my pic…damn, he did”.

  • Antonio

    Most of those riding bikes in Antigua are males, and I cannot imagine that their prostates are in good shape riding over all those cobblestone streets.

  • MO

    Dude does not look so happy.

  • It’s a great shot!!! Although it takes some practice to get to ride bikes in Antigua, ;O)