Valentine’s Day Post-it Notes Display

Valentine's Day Post-it Notes Display

In La Antigua Guatemala people really go the extra mile to show they care about each other. If one is creative, all one needs is a block of post-it notes and a pen.

Now the question for you, is Fer a man or a woman?

Feliz Día del Cariño y la Amistad (Happy Valentine’s Day) to everyone! Wish all of you lovely day!

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  • Let’s just say Fernand@?

  • Well well… the sign was almost likely written by a girl… so it leaves us with more questions than answers: If it is a straight couple then Fer is a guy, but if it is a gay couple, then Fer is a girl.
    Reason for my first premise: even though chapines are re-known for their cheesiness I am mostly sure they wouldn’t have such nice cutesy writing or the guts to write “k-rino” in public.

  • I agree with Arturo 🙂
    Nice finding by the way, at least the day was not very windy.. 😉