Moon lit cupolas

Moon lit cupolas

This is a follow up image to Luna de Antigua to ease you up at the start of a new week. I hope you like it and appreciate the things I do for you. 😉

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  • Stephanie

    The cupolas and roof almost look snow-covered!

  • Most stunning work!!!!! I envy your shots!!!!!! ;O) ;O) ;O) ;O)

  • Buzz-worthy!!!

  • Wow… beautiful picture!!!

  • wendy

    I adopted my daughter 4 years ago, and lived in antigua then for 6 months. Your place, la antigua, is now part of my soul. What would I do without your site to see this place everyday – and share all of its magic with my little girl? thank you!

  • So mistic looking 🙂

  • Erick

    That shot looks so mysterious, I like it a lot. It resembles a movie poster or something along those lines.

  • I certainly like and appreciate the things you do for all of us! I try to visit your page first thing in the morning while savoring a fresh cup of Guatemalan coffee. Believe me, the perfect combination for a good start.

  • Eric

    Solamente una palabra : Ooooooooooooooooooh!
    Increible photo! Bien hecho!