Living La Vida Digital in Antigua Guatemala

Living la Vida Digital in Antigua Guatemala

I found the juxtaposition of cutting edge telecommunication technology and colonial lifestyle and architecture so fascinating and that’s why I have covered it in the following articles:

Today’s picture is mostly focus on living la vida digital that is feasible in La Antigua Guatemala. The photograph depicts some of the elements that are present in a geek lunch that can be had in Silicon Valley, London, Singapore, Tokyo or La Antigua Guatemala. Also, the photo above shows the cosmopolitan aspects of La Antigua Guatemala: a Philly cheese steak sandwich, French-style vegetable chips, German-style coleslaw, Wired magazine [tnx querida amiga, you know who you are], authentic coffee from Antigua Guatemala, a smartphone from Finland, all in a French bistro on Calle del Arco. Life is good!


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  • NicWirtz

    In a French bistro on Calle del Arco, owned by a British lady 🙂

  • You forgot to mention: Life is good! to finish up getting me more envious of you, ;O) ;O) ;O) I just had some food, and I’m starving thanks to you!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeell Done!!!!!!!!!

  • @Nic, thanks for the additional information about the ownership of the bistro.

    @Arturo, I did say Life is good! on the very last sentence. 🙂

  • Luis Samayoa

    The number on the paper, isn’t that the code for the wireless network at the bistro?

    • @Luis, pretty good eye; I was wondering how many people were going to notice it. You’re the second person that mentions it; Antontrax also made a reference to it in a tweet.

      • Luis Samayoa

        Well, I also noticed that only two chess pieces, two bishops, were left on the chess board (the salt and pepper). I guess people are more into playing chess in their computers.

  • Rudy, their Philly cheese steak is muy sabroso! I’m not crazy about the chips though.

  • Ah, Rudy, toooootally didn’t notice… Perhaps I’m getting to used to see it, that I overlooked at it, ;O)

  • leif hagen

    Rudy – delicious photo! Looks like your enjoyed a yummy lunch!

  • This is the best restaurant in Antigua Guatemala!

    • @Ivet, I have only had a sandwich so I am not prepared to back this statement yet. 🙁

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