Festive Mood at Calle del Arco

Festive Mood at Calle del Arco

This Sunday afternoon at Calle del Arco was just as guest contributor Arturo Godoy said in The mime just wants to get married post, “Often it’s a bit complicated to go out on Sundays because La Antigua Guatemala gets crowded… Remember that anything and everything can happen as you walk around Antigua Guatemala on any given Sunday.”

That’s exactly what I felt when I walked onto Calle de Arco this past Sunday as the enchanting Mayan music coming off from the marimba from Grupo Maya Kaqchikel. The crowds were making a natural amphitheater around the marimba players. Watch the short video clip below to get an idea.

Everywhere you look there were people, locals and foreigners alike, having a good time. Every a few steps, people were snapping shots or having their photograph taken. There were several algodones (cotton candy), globos (balloons) and chupetes (triangle-shape hard candy) vendors all along Calle del Arco. To top it all, of course, there was a large procession on Calle del Arco as well. For a few hours this past Sunday everything seemed to be in harmony; one of those Life is good! moments I have talked about.

Do you remember when was the last time you had a chupete candy?


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  • Erick

    That music is so soothing; those kids can play.

    It has been way too long now, so I cannot remember the last time I had a chupete, but I do remember being a kid and always bugging my grandpa – around Semana Santa – to buy me a chupete while we were watching the processions go by. I gotta get me one of those next time I go down to Guate!

  • @Erick, I am glad you like the video clip with the Mayan music being played on Calle del Arco. Thanks for the anecdote about the chupete candy.

  • I think the last time I had a chupete was six years ago. Is that always the same group playing the marimba at that corner?? I was in Antigua last summer and I think I saw that same group.

    • @Adan, I believe there are at least three different marimba bands on Calle del Arco. If you do search for marimba in AntiguaDailyPhoto you should be able to browse through all the marimba entries and see all three bands. Of course, the Grupo Maya Kaqchickel is the only one with Mayan style.

  • I had it a few weeks ago, but now that there is so much going on, uuuuuffff, got to get back in track, 😉 Ha!!! Great post again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, thank you very much for quoting me!!!!!!!

    • @Arturo, you had a chupete a few weeks ago?

  • Claudia

    Hmmm, last time I had one – about 16 years ago . . . I got excited at the sight of it – I always BEGGED for one of those . . I remember how pointy and sharp it used to get.