El Carmen Handicrafts Market

El Carmen Handicrafts Market

Visiting the El Carmen ruins folkart market is among the top things people do on the weekends and holidays in La Antigua Guatemala.

Here’s a little secret. One of things on my to do list is to capture through time-lapse photography the contrast between the stark, almost monochromatic muted colors of the El Carmen ruins and cobblestone streets and the colorful handicrafts sold at the market.

Can you imagine watching the time-lapse video beginning with just the ruins and cobbled streets as backdrop and then how the color is added as each new vendor sets up shop and displays the colorful Guatemalan handicrafts?

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  • Raquel

    Oh shiny legs! Someone is new to the land of eternal spring! 🙂
    But I am insanely jealous. What I would not trade for a day of bartering, sunshine and mango’s con sal! (or is it still too early for mangos? love mangos verde too!)

  • You really are an inspiration!

  • Eric

    @ Raquel – Estoy de acuerdo! I love handicraft markets…and the glare from those shins almost blinded me 🙂
    Wonderful contrast, Rudy. I like El Carmen in the early morning or the late afternoon when the glare from the sun is a bit less. Even las gafas del sol have a hard time with the brightness of the stones sometimes.
    Note to self: Eric, spend some time in the sun before next visit to La Antigua…and wear jeans…Ja-ja-ja!

  • Terri E. Mellinger

    Are there any photos of a traditional Mayan wedding, in particular, the Mayan wedding dress?

  • Wow Rudy, ok, yes I need to get out more with my camera, 😉 I am so curious as to the food you can get on the streets these days of Cuaresma, 😉 Greeeeeeeeeeat shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (like always!!!!!!)

  • Thats an eye catching photo!