Theme Day: Passageway

What's Inside This Doorway

What’s inside this passageway?

  1. The largest fountain in Central America
  2. Ruins of a monastery
  3. Mayan arches used in colonial architecture
  4. Access to the rooftop of La Merced Church
  5. All of the above
  6. None of the above

Please, help us determined what’s inside the passageway by sharing your answers in the comments area.

Like many firsts of the month, AntiguaDailyPhoto is participating in the theme day of the City Daily Photo community around the world. To see how others in the City Daily Photo community have interpreted today’s theme please click here to view thumbnails for all participants around the planet.

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  • Carlos

    All of the above???

  • I would think that it could be all of those things as they all seem to easily go together. I would love to see inside over the next few posts if you have taken enough images.

    Wonderful way of approaching this Theme Day.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised it the answer is #5. But whatever is beyond it, the archway alone is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Mo

    I’ll go with 5

  • I agree with Hilda!

  • Just SUPERB!

    I`ll go for number 5….

  • All of the above plus secret passages and people taking photos of the whole thing. Hopefully white plastic chairs and a stage are not part of the answer 😉

  • just gorgeous. great choice for theme day

  • Eric

    I’ll go with #6, only because Sr. Giron is very sneaky. And, a note to myself: next visit to La Antigua, spend more time touring, less time in the restaurants. Then maybe I would know the answers to these questions….
    … It looks like La Merced …is this on the side where Hector’s restaurant is ?

  • a place to pray…

  • Hmm, I would agree with all of the above, including nosy people so curious about what to observe, 😉 So Rudy, what’s the answer? Greeeeeeeat shot by the way!!!!!!!!

  • Very decorative passageway.