Contrast: Orange and Blue

Contrast: Orange and Blue

Okay guys, today’s game is very simple: find as many kinds of contrasts as you can in this image of the San Pedro Las Huertas cathedral. I already gave you the color contrast.

The person with the most contrasts listed wins today’s photo as a post card. Good luck to all participants!

© 2010 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    I will say, the contrast of
    light and shadows
    modern (alambres) with ancient (la catedral)
    living (los arboles) with non-living (las piedras)
    motion (el ciclista) with stationary (el catedral)
    human-power (el ciclista) with internal combustion (el moto)
    white with color
    wood with stone
    lineas con curvas
    man-made (el catedral) with naturaleza (la montana)
    I think that’s all I have, Rudy. Your photos make me hungry for fresh tortillas and the sounds of marimba. What am I going to do….? 🙂

    • Thomas Wheeler

      In this picture if you look real hard you will see seven different con trace of colors in the whole picture. Sincerely Thomas

  • Catherine from Oregon

    Wow Eric! I think you have me beat.
    I was going for the contrast of architecture (earthquake baroque vs rococo)
    The contrast piping on the columns below goes clockwise, where above it is counter-clockwise.
    The power lines in front of the church vs THE POWER of the church.
    Rounded portones ( doors ) for the entrance vs the square door above.
    Espaldana higher than the bell tower.
    Thanks Rudy for the meditative break while I studied this photo – it was a much needed relaxing mini vacation!

  • Erick

    I’ll just wait for everyone to respond and then compile all of your answers into one post — winner! 😉

  • Wow, I’m impressed Eric and Catherine!!! I would only add something about the sound, speaker versus bell.

  • Eric

    Wow, Catherine, great thoughts in your contrasts. I am having one of those ‘oh, yeaaaaaah’ moments. Well, that, and wondering if there’s a lady selling doblados near the church… Rudy’s fault, or just the magic of Guatemala ? 🙂

  • Manolo

    What about orange and blue… ? been said? Rudy? Aaaah. It is the most striking contrast here. Rudy might kill me for suggesting this, but right click on the photo, save it temporarily on your desktop, open it in “paint” or the simplest pic editor you have and ask to “invert colours” (or whatever American English says it must be spelled). The effect is just amazing.
    p.s. The Connect with Facebook seems to be down (or Chrome is acting out again, dunno).

  • Luis Samayoa

    For coming late the only thing left for me is to add to Eric’s and Catherine’s list.
    Hay y no hay (there is and there isn’t): Look at the bottom nichos (niches) the one on the left has a small cloud on top of the triangle. It is missing on the one to the right. I am not sure if what I have pointed out qualifies as contrast; instead might be like the old puzzle in Prensa Libre, “Los Siete Errores” (the seven mistakes).

  • Thanks everyone for participating; it is obvious the @Eric is the clear winner. Eric, do you want me to mail you the post card or would you prefer to pick it up in person at the end of March when you come for Semana Santa? 😉

  • Catherine from Oregon

    Congratulations Eric!
    …You get to go to Semana Santa???? Okay, that settles it – life is NOT fair!
    I will be there May 21-June 2nd…. any festivals or events I should know about?

  • Eric

    @Rudy – I won? Really? Like Charlie Brown,I never win anything…maybe my luck is changing 🙂 I will say, “mail it to me”, only because, like a Guatemalteca friend of mine says, “We are stuck.” What does this mean?….
    @ mis estimados amigos de LAGDP – this means that right now, like a lot of mis amigos aqui en Boston, I have no job, and unless there is a ‘miracle’, I will not be in La Antigua for quite some time. This website fills a space in my heart until I can return to the Land of Eternal Spring. I warn you, Guatemala, one day I may be so enchanted when I visit that I will never leave. I have not yet seen Semana Santa in Guate.,but I’m sure it will carry on for many years to come, and I will have to experience it another time. 🙁
    Then again, if I finally won a contest, maybe the ‘miracle’ is not far behind…?

  • @Eric, I wish you and others who are currently unemployed to find a rewarding job ASAP.