Guatemalan Smile

Guatemalan Smile

Last Monday 8 of March was celebrated the International Women’s Day through out the world. I believe women should be celebrated everyday, so this week I will be sharing with you photographs of Guatemalan women, each different, but all of them special.

We begin the week with the beautiful smile of an usher who welcomes people and escort them inside one of the restaurants on Calle del Arco. What better way to begin the series Guatemalan women than with a big happy smile?

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  • Erick


  • MO

    Very nice. That smile can escort me anywhere anytime.

  • Kimberly

    hehehe,that’s NOT a “Guatemalan”.
    Seems like I know Guatemala better than you 😀
    Although she’s NOT a Guatemalan,what’s true is that she’s smiling in Guatemala,which is a whole different thing. 😛

    • @Kimberly, hohoho, I think you know more… thanks for letting us know. Now, tell us more about her. 😉

  • Hmmm. I wonder if Kimberly comment is not because she knows her, but because she doesn’t look “Guatemalan” to her. I am pretty convinced she is Guatemalan, or at least Latin American… but it is not the stereotype that people overseas have of Guatemalans… food for thought.
    BTW, she is dressing like a Guatemalan ladina from la capital… (probably from Carretera 😉 )

  • Erick

    I interpreted Kimberly’s comment the same as Manolo, but I just left it alone; hopefully I’m wrong.

  • @Manolo and @Erick, you know, I interpreted Kimberly’s comment as she knew or knows this woman. If her comment is based solely on the woman’s appearance, then I am with you guys 100%. In fact, that is exactly why I thought that doing a Guatemalan Women series would be beneficial to shatter stereotypes.

  • what a lovely smile!

  • Kimberly

    Yeah, I DO know her

  • Mulishabmx26

    i dont care if her is from guatemala or not, she s cute and his smile s wowww cute… so u guys can argument or do wat ever u want, cuz btw she s a beautiful woman !!! dats count