The Broom-head Romans Are Back

The Broom-head Romans Are Back

I have honestly tried not put as many Cuaresma/Lent and Semana Santa/Holy Week photos here. I could, in theory, have a Lent/Holy Week photo each day since Ash Wednesday, but this is not a religious website: it is rather a blogumentary of La Antigua Guatemala and as such I try to cover all aspects of what is like to live in one of the most enchanting towns of the world. However, sometimes it’s impossible not to publish photos like today’s. Talk about the idiosyncrasy of Guatemalans, have you ever seen a more convincing set of Roman soldiers in your life?

This is the third year I share with you a photo of the broom-head Roman soldiers. Click the two link to Roman soldiers to see the previous images. This is what I wrote last year about the Roman soldiers of Guatemala:

So, I come out of the closet now and tell you I really find delightful the excessive garishness of the costumes of Guatemalan Roman soldiers, the clothes of the Holy Week figures, the golden-painted floats, in short, everything about the Holy Week celebrations in the villages and municipalities around La Antigua Guatemala. You may have to click on the photo above to see the fine or kitschy details of the Guatemalan-Roman soldier costumes.

Now guys, if given the opportunity, would you find an exhilarating experience to go out in public wearing a broom-head helmet, a bright-red cloak and a kitschy-looking Roman costume, wouldn’t you? Come on, live a little!


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  • Erick

    Estoy seguro que esos Romanos son puros Chapines.

    It looks like one of them is eating a drum stick.

  • leif hagen

    Very cool cultural photos! I love your website.

    I wonder if my wife would let me wear a broom on my head and one of her brown skirts?

  • MO

    Love it! I never saw a Roman with a green mohawk helmet. Either Paiz ran out of red colored brooms or the green ones were on sale. Only in Guatemala….

  • Erick

    The guy in the green mohawk is also representing a Quetzal. 😉

    • MO

      Ya vas Erick!

  • Coltrane_lives

    Hey Rudy, it’s been a while since I’ve visited your site; it keeps getting better. Beautiful images abound. As for wearing the broom-headed Roman costumes, I say of course, why not try it? I can see the utilitarian value of a broom on my head, especially if I were say to lean up against a dusty wall. 🙂 Peace man!

  • That picture certainly looks like you’re standing in ancient Rom.

  • Erin

    To tell you the truth, I will be more than happy with more lent-related photos… and I would say that more than religious, it is an important cultural matter. By the way, those broom-head look handsome and well coordinated! See? green broom = green cape…

  • Eric

    ….What, and trade-in my linen shirt,breeches,boots,black mask,sword and black stallion for a broom-head helmet and a red cloak ? Never! Andale, Tornado…..! 🙂
    While not for me, I do admire the ever-present Guatemalan ingenuity, whether it be in costumes, motorized bicycles, creative picop attachments, etc. I won’t be dressing like the Romans, but I will gladly buy them a Moza after the parade.

  • NicWirtz

    I saw blue broom-heads today, including the not to be beaten rubber mop helmet.

    Sadly they were going too fast for me to be able to photograph 🙁