The Aromas of the Holy Week

Feed My Incense Burner

I can bring to you the colors, the imagery, the sounds and even video clips, but I can’t transmit or transfer you the smells and aromas of the Holy Week. The pungent scents of corozo palms and copal insence you will have to imagine them. Let’s hope that today’s photo can trigger or precipitate forth the buried memories in your unconsciousness; please, let us know if you can smell the incense; can you taste it too?

© 2010 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    Still haven’t been there for Semana Santa, but I know the incense. Yes, Rudy, I can smell it and taste it, too. Can’t remember whether it was during a particularly important event in the church, or just a normal Sunday, but the smell is unmistakable, and unforgettable. Since there is usually someone selling tortillas or doblados nearby, the incense image conjures up ocote and harina de maiz smells, too. If only I was there in La Antigua ….:( Ja-ja-ja!

  • Beth in MN

    I’m sneezing from the incense here in MN!


  • Erick

    I agree with Eric, the smell of incense is unforgettable! No way I could ever forget it or the family memories attached to it. I remember that my grandpa would light up the incense and spread it around the house for certain occasions throughout the year; I am surprised that I did not die from smoke-inhalation back then; I could barely seen around the house because it was literally engulfed in smoke.

  • Erin

    Mission totally accomplished! Suddenly I also remembered that at my mother’s family house, they liked to add a pinch of sugar and a small stick of cinnamon… Sweet memories!

  • Blanca

    No hay nada como la Semana Santa en Guatemala. Los olores de los inciensos, la comida, la gente, todo junto hacen que los recuerdos se mantengan vivos. Que daria por estar en la Antigua…

  • Eric

    @ Erick – Unfortunately, as someone fairly new to the wonders of the Land of Eternal Spring, I haven’t had the “smoke inhalation” experience — yet, but I see you’ve survived with happy memories. My neighbors here in the great white north go crazy when I light a small stick of sandalwood – can you imagine if I used copal instead? 🙂
    @ Blanca – le creo a usted, y las photos de Don Rudy son increibles, como siempre. ¿Quizá debo hacer planes para el año próximo? O,¿Es possible que Don Rudy quisiera un nuevo vecino? 🙂

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