Cosmopolitan Antigua Guatemala

Russian Beer and Shorma Kebab Pita

Recently, in Living La Vida Digital in Antigua Guatemala, I mentioned how cosmopolitan La Antigua Guatemala really is while showing a Philly cheese steak sandwich, French-style vegetable chips and German-style coleslaw. Well, today, I continue showing our Cosmopolitan Antigua Guatemala with a lunch that included Russian beer Baltika 9, shorma kebab pita sandwich, with three curry sauces. A lunch like the above can set you back Q50/$6.25. You can have this lunch at Toko restaurant near 6a calle poniete and 6a avenida sur (see it at Foursquare). That’s right, Antigua Guatemala also does Foursquare.

Do you think cosmopolitan is a good adjective for Antigua Guatemala?

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  • mia

    Cosmopolitan sounds just about right. That looks yummy!!

  • That looks really good.

  • Erick

    Cosmopolitan works for me, although I certainly don’t remember having this much variety back when I was in Guate (early/mid 80s).

    That sandwich looks awesome.

    Just curious…is Q50 a fair price for this kind of sandwich? $6.25 would be a great deal here in the States — for that kind of meal, but I know that most people in Guate are probably not in the same financial situation.

    • @Erick, here are some references: 1. Most fast food combos cost around Q40/$5 (McDonald’s Big Tasty for instance). 2. The daily minimum wage is Q56/$7.

  • NicWirtz

    Cosmopolitan definitely apt. Foursquare on the other hand, I have huge security concerns about 🙁
    Not least because you’re going to be the mayor of Antigua Rudy :p

    If you’re a fan of curry you might like to try the terrace at La Sala, it’s where the Pushkar chef moved to.

  • sheila

    What a yummy picture, se me hace agua la boca.

  • Eric

    To second, Mia, Mike, Erick…that does look delicious. Usually, I don’t really feel like I want to eat Italian, Middle-Eastern, or anything else radically different from comida tipica guatemalteca when I’m in La Antigua…I make an exception for anything from Hector’s, of course. So, I will file this delicious-looking lunch photo under “just in case…” 🙂
    Daily minimum is Q56? De verdad? Somehow, I got confused about that…are there different daily minimum wages for criadas or camareros or something? If not, why did I think that there was? I need another visit … and quickly!

  • Aaaaaah, hungry again, it’s not fair… I’m in Petén right now and uuuuufffffff, although I’m having great meals, aaaaah, I’m hungry again!!!!!!

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