Typical Patio from Antigua Guatemala

Typical Patio from Antigua Guatemala

These are the very last days of the dry season. Soon, in May, the rainy season will begin and the sompopo flying ants will come again, in lesser numbers than before. We should enjoy the typical dried patios while we can!

Will you join me for lunch or a cup of coffee?

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  • What a beautiful place!
    I would love to be there!:-)

    • Isabel

      What I would give to be there.

  • It is beautiful, now that is a patio.

  • How very nice!

  • Catherine from Oregon

    Rudy, when you say rainy season… exactly how much rain are you talking about? Our team is coming May 21-29..

  • NicWirtz

    Catherine, as an Englishman I like to think I’m a connoisseur of rain.

    We had a downpour today that lasted maybe an hour, if you get caught in the rain for 5-10 minutes of that, you will be soaked. Tropical rain takes some getting used to, you get wetter than what you’re used to but it is rarely a cold rain.

    There are some reports saying that the dry spell is going to last longer than usual this year but I think it would be safe to say that come the end of May packing waterproofs for the week and carrying umbrellas at all times would be practical.

    Generally the rain does not last long but if you’re travelling to remote regions you would have to consider that the roads will not be in a great state dependent on how much rainfall there’s been.

  • Glennis

    Looks very inviting. A lovely patio.

  • Ah Rudy, haciendo de las suyas!!! Remember, I’m in Petén, the Antigua weather is so inviting right now, instead of coffee why not a beer? 🙂 Great photo!!!!!!!