Let It Rain, Let It Rain

Que llueva, que llueva

Here’s the song thanks to our loyal reader Luis from SF.

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Que llueva, que llueva
Canción infantil

Que llueva, que llueva
La Virgen de la Cueva
Los pajaritos cantan,
Las nubes se levantan.
¡Que sí, que no,
que caiga un chaparrón!

Que siga lloviendo,
Los pájaros corriendo
Florezca la pradera
Al sol de la primavera.
¡Que sí, que no,
que llueva a chaparrón,
que no me moje yo!

Let It Rain, Let It Rain
Children’s Song

Let it rain, let it rain,
The Virgin of the Cave,
The little birds are singing,
The clouds are rising.
Oh yes, oh no,
Let a downpour fall!

Let it go on raining,
The birds go on running,
Let the meadow blossom
Under the spring sun.
Oh yes, oh no,
Let it rain cats and dogs,
Let me not get wet!

(source: Mama Lisa’s World)

© 2010 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Erick

    As my gramps used to say, “Abusados que ahi vienen los ‘moros’!”

  • That really looks like a downpour. The poem fits perfectly.

  • I like how you captured the “lines” of the rain. The food you have in other images looks delicious!!

  • Eric

    Aha, now here is the Land of Eternal Spring that I know and love! I don’t know if I would recognize half the places I like to frequent in La Antigua if there wasn’t a downpour going on. I hear there is a ‘dry season’, but so far, it is only a rumor to me. Si tuve poquito mas dinero…y poquito mas tiempo…:)

  • MO

    I remember singing this song as a kid but some of the lyrics were just a little different than what’s posted here. This most be the “B” side version. Happy Friday to all! Enjoy the weekend.

  • I could imagine the sound of the rain on the rooftops. One of the best nature’s melodies. Beautiful image.

  • dg

    The version I used to sing goes:

    Que llueva, que llueva
    La Virgen de la Cueva
    Los pajarillos cantan
    La luna se levanta
    Que si, que no
    Que caiga un chaparron
    Con azucar y turron.
    Que se bajen el calzon

    I’ve forgoten the rest, and I’m sure that the last line is not quite right. I remember the last time I chanted this ditty like it was yesterday. It was a school bus full of uniformed children chanting at full volume in the, now, Centro Historico, before it was changed forever by the earthquake.

    “Salve, cara Parens, dvlcis Gvatimala, Salve,
    delicivm vitae, fons, et origo meae.”

  • Eric

    @Luis, muchas gracias por la cancion. Recuerdo los ninos en Solola, saliendos de la iglesia, cantandos canciones de Jesucristo…que bello sonido ! Muchas gracias !

  • Luis Samayoa

    Gracias Eric.

    MO and dg are correct when they say they remember different lyrics. There are other versions of the song with different lyrics for the second verse. I have the other versions. My contributed tried to match Rudy’s lyrics.
    There is also very modern version half spanish half english but the group sings only the first verse.