La Antigua Guatemala sí es Guatemala

Intercultural Activities

Often I have said that La Antigua Guatemala is not Guatemala. I still hold this thought, mostly. However, there are cases or instances that make me look mistaken, and you know I am never wrong (except when I am not right).

Such an event occurred last Friday when on my way to work I spotted an event right in front of Palacio de los Capitanes, I grabbed my camera and took some shots to document the activity and then asked what was the event about to four different people participating and I received four different answers. Some girls at a booth told me it was a gastronomic fair sponsored by the Minesterio de Educación (Ministry of Education). A transit police woman keeping the traffic moving told me she didn’t know what kind of activity it was, but she knew it was something to do with Insol and Ministerio de Educación. Another person told me it was an Intercultural Fair sponsored by the Ministerio de Educación. Finally, I left with the certainty that it was an event sponsored by the Ministry of Education and nothing more.

Only in Guatemala you can find a whole bunch of people participating in an activity they know nothing about. 🙁


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  • That seems like the place to meet and gather! What an incredible building!

    The vegetarian pizza and “vegetarian” quiche from a few days ago were DELICIOUS looking!!

  • Erin

    Funny story and comments!
    The only thing I want to say is that Antigua Guatemala is Guatemala. If you think of the country as a whole, you will see, wherever you look at, an evolving and marvelous combination of old and new, traditional and contemporary, indigenous and mestizo, local and foreign…

  • Eric

    @ Rudy : My friend, I know you are never wrong, but…I think people anywhere will participate if there’s something to gain (i.e., free food),regardless of the reason for the event. There is proof of that right here in Boston. But I’ll bet the antiguenos gave the event a good long look before joining in. The cautious optimism of los guatemaltecos is one of the qualities I admire most.

  • HAHA! I for one will totally agree with your statement, without qualification.

  • ixchokoj

    Wasn’t this the “Amigos de Israel” event? The one promoting peace? Why that would be happening in Guatemala of all places I couldn’t figure out… but that seemed to be the deal according to the banners I read!

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  • Guy Howard

    Yes, just try finding out in this way why all the roads are blocked today…