Guatemalan Family Ties

Guatemalan Indigenous Women

Most Guatemalan families are very tight with several generations often interacting with one another. It is not unusual to have at least three generations living under the same roof. That’s what I call family ties. 😉

Have you had to opportunity to notice this or to live with a Guatemalan family?

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  • JC

    What a beautiful shot!! It’s heart-warming to see 3 generations coming together and the warmth that exude from their interaction!

    Would love to learn more about life in Guatemala! Thanks for your ssharing.

  • being guatemalan, all the time! 🙂

  • Eric

    I have noticed this, and I think it’s wonderful. My Father’s generation would have lived under the same roof, but…something happened waaaay up here in the great white North,and we definitely lost something as a result. I have nothing but admiration for the “whole family pulling together” way of life.
    Oh, and Sr. Giron, I saw “Food,Inc.” last night. We have another two months before the farmers markets open. I’m trying not to eat until then… 😉

  • Erick

    The concept of 2+ generations living under one roof is hard for people in the States to understand. When I had just graduated from college and still lived with my parents, I would never hear the end of it from my friends; they would poke fun at me for still being at home, etc, but I would try to explain to them that it was part of my culture and that if I lived in Guatemala, no one would see anything wrong with it. Both cultures are very different and I am sort of stuck in between them (since I grew up in the States, but was raised as a Chapin), but I still don’t see anything wrong with those that decide to leave the nest later than the “norm” — especially if you’re able to help out your family financially and you get to benefit from some delicious home-cooking!

  • dg

    I worry about the degeneration of the traje tipico in the picture– from hand-made hupil, to machine-made huipil, to polyester top.