Colonial Corridor

Colonial Corridor

Historically, colonial corridors have always been long and wide, and have always faced out onto a central patio, garden or fountain. Often chairs, sofas, rocking chairs, and plants adorn the corridors. This is the perfect place to have your afternoon cafecito with champurradas. 🙂


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  • I wish I were sitting there with a coffee and treats and friends!

  • sheila

    This is so beautiful, i can feel the warm breeze. i want to be there too.

  • Eric

    Oh, Sr.Giron, it’s bad enough that you tempt us with these photos of fantastic little gardens and inviting corridors…then you throw in the “cafecitos con champurradas” comment, too. Where am I going to find those waaaaaay up here…? 🙂
    @Leif y @Sheila – Yo tambien! There must be a way to get a plane ticket to La Aurora, MUY PRONTO!

  • Cristina

    I remember my sisters and me having to mop one of these Antigua corridors as a punishment for having spent all night out one Jueves Santo. Before you jump to conclusions: we were looking at all the alfombras and huertos being prepared for the different processions and then we had to watch “La Sentencia” right in front of La Merced.

  • Erick

    I love this photo. If that was my house, I would never show up to work, which is probably not the smartest way to afford a house like this one. Imagine that kind of parties/BBQs that could be had in a house like that?!

  • Stephanie

    I sort of hate it when you post photos like this. This kind of scene, more than any other, makes me want to abandon my life here and move to Antigua. Sometimes major changes in life are what are called for, but perhaps, instead, I need to examine how I’m living my life here and make adjustments.

    For me this photo represents: being in the present moment, enjoying the breezes, spending time writing and thinking and reading, listening to my son’s laughter, sipping cups of tea, and appreciating life.

    Thanks for the reminder that the priorities in my life are mine to make.

  • MO

    Love this picture. Would love to be sitting under that porch during a light afternoon rain with a good book, cafecito and pan dulce.