Chucho Gathering

Chucho Gathering

Everyday that passes by Antigua Guatemala becomes more social, a gathering place. I wonder if the chuchos used Twitter or Facebook to organize their barcamp meeting. 😉

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  • NicWirtz

    As a dog lover I have asked some of the packs what social networking they use.

    Some of them use Pets Reunited, early adapters are moving to Fidosquare but the majority create their own sites using Woofpress.

  • Evolina

    Ha ha ha I think they are more into IM or MMS…you know … these days with Nexus One,Iphones and all that digital madness out there I would think that even los chuchos can’t escape from them 😛

    PS: love your sense of humor 😀

  • Hi Rudy
    Congratulations on your 4 years, what an achievement! Your photos are as good as ever and while I don’t have the time to read very long commentaries I personally love to get more than a short caption with each photo: learning something about the local culture is definitely a plus.

    And then of course, readers comments are great too. Thanks for NicWirtz above for bringing a laugh!!!

  • PS – I’m trying to win a trip to Croatia. If you and your readers had a minute to spare to come over and cast their vote, that would be much appreciated. Cheers!

  • Luis Samayoa

    My best guess is that they gathered at that location mistakenly thinking that they were invited by another Chucho. It just happened that the radio in one of the houses was playing “Mi Casa Su Casa” by Chucho Avellanet and since it’s a bilingual song attracted also some Chuchos from abroad.

  • Love the gathering of the dogs – hard now to visit so many blogs often but good to see you carrying on and joining the four-year olds.

  • stacey

    whats a chucho?

    • Hi Stacey, it’s a street mutt.