School Girls Gathering

Waiting for the School Bus - Version 2

As I mentioned yesterday, more often Antigua Guatemala is becoming a gathering venue. Any excuse is good enough to form a crowd with similar interests. Some people I know organize a geek squad lunch meeting spontaneously with a few tweets and sms texts. Others use a school bus stop to update each other about their recent life events; no Facebook is required to stay up-to-date either. 😉

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  • You should have a tag for the Rudymobile (or lagcar) since it is not the first time it is featured in one of your pics.

  • sheila

    Love the black and white, and the bug ofcourse 🙂

  • Erick

    punch buggy!

  • sjbj

    love this photo. the black & white, combined with vintage car…nice.

  • Eric

    I don’t know if I would call the ‘Rudymovil’ vintage… I would call it “fiel”, or “sazonado” maybe… 🙂
    Hey Rudy, what do you call that little racer of yours, anyway? ‘el Poderoso’? ‘excalibur’? I second Manolo, the car needs its own category, and a really good nickname, if it doesn’t have one already. Photographers’ rides aside, nice photo. It leads the eye from one side of the photo to the other, then back again. Bien hecho!

  • @Eric, I call it cucarachita o escarabajo or vochito. Here’s the theme song you guys have requested for it. I hope you enjoy it. For those who want to try it in their next Karaoke session, follow the white rabbit! 🙂