Antigua Churches: Capilla de Belén

Antigua Churches: Iglesia de Belén

Santo Hermano Pedro de San José de Betancourt introduced the Nativity scenes and rituals to the American continent so it is only fitting that he’s portrayed inside the Nacimiento in the Capilla de Belén, located right across from the house where he lived.

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  • Erick

    Growing up in Guate, and being Catholic, I had obviously heard about el Hermano Pedro from a very young age, but I didn’t know much about him. I didn’t realize he had died so young, do you know if it was from natural causes? The Wikipedia article didn’t say how he died.

  • Glennis

    A fine old church, nice photo.

  • sjbj

    He died at the 1600s, I’m betting this wasn’t young to die.

  • Erick

    @sjbj: That’s a good point; the lack of medical care in these days didn’t exactly help. I guess I was thinking in today’s terms, where 41 would be considered an early death. I’ll have to look up the cause of death (f documented), that’s what I was more curious about.