Mother’s Day A La Antigua

Mother and Son Eating Ice Cream at the Park

To all the visiting mothers, please, let me share with you the Guatemalan classic marimba Un vals para mi madre (A waltz for my mother) and wish you a very happy Guatemalan Mother’s Day!

Today’s photo brings forth cherished memories of my mom and I eating POPS ice cream when I was a kid. Although, in general, I don’t like sweets, I have never passed up the opportunity to eat ice cream; now I know why. 😉 I would like send a very special Gracias to my own mother for teaching me how to be a fairly decent human being (most of the time; I think!). I am glad I was able to spend some time with you recently.

In 2007 I posted a very long entry showing you three kinds of Guatemalan mothers: the cowgirl mother, the urban rocker mom, and the indigenous mamá in the entry May 10th: Mother’s Day in Guatemala. I also touched the subject of inter-country adoptions which was it was hot topic back then. That’s no longer an issue, but if you want to go back in time to read about those three kinds of moms and the adoption issues, follow the white rabbit.

In 2008, I showed you an indigenous mother helping her son to overcome his fears in the entry Mother’s Safety Zone.

Last year we had a contest to win a signed 4×6 post card with Guatemalan stamps to the first person that could correctly tell what Mayan language the Mayan mothers speak.


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  • Erick

    Feliz Dia de la Madres a todas las mamas! My mom is definitely the nucleus of our family and makes everything alright, I have no idea what I would do without mi viejita. =)

    Rudy, I love the picture you captured for today’s post. I’m pretty sure we can all relate to it.

  • Eric

    Excellent shot, Rudy. I can elate to the ‘one-on-one’ time with Mom (that was before my brother and sister came along), definitely, but I am also laughing at the helmet that this particular mom is carrying. In Guatemala, you could say that ‘biker-mama’ means something totally different than in los EEUU, no? 🙂
    Snickering aside, Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there…and an especially happy day for all the moms in the land of eternal Spring that manage to get children, groceries, and school supplies on a moped every day, at least twice a day, and still provide food, clean clothes, and love. You’re the best (next to MY Mom, of course…)

  • Salu! a todas las madres que visitan LAGDP, y a las que no (la tuya y la mia por ejemplo) tambien salu! en su honorsh.
    Excellente foto… como siempre y como nunca.

  • Andrea P

    Reminds me of the picture from 6/17/2009. 😉 Yes, I pay WAY too much attention to detail. I love your pictures. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have noticed.

    • @Andrea P, because of your kind words and proof that you really pay attention, I will send you both photos (Father’s Day and Mother’s Day) as 4×6 post cards. Please, send me your mailing address through the contact form.

  • peke

    Me encanta este sitio, a traves de tus fotografias viajo a la antigua y empiezo a recordar los buenos momentos que viví por allá, a la familia, los lindos paisajes, el buen tiempo, los sabores, los colores… y asi me hace sentir feliz recordando lo bueno.
    Tus fotografias son muy buenas Ánimo y sigue así!!
    Te animo a que visites esta web y te seguimos desde España.

  • Brilliant photo.

  • Beth in MN

    Happy belated Mother’s Day to all people who mother.


    Did you know that there are about 500-700 children waiting for their adoption process to be completed whose adoptions were started BEFORE 2007? Most of these cases have been investigated, and investigated, and investigated, an NO irregularities have been found yet the children languish because no one is willing to sign off on them. In some of these cases, the birth mothers have been interviewed 4-5 times, the cases have been investigated by the Minor’s Section of the MP, the Minor’s Section of PGN, and the “regular” PGN. Some of these children have court orders declaring them available for adoption. Some of them have completed adoptions, but for some unknown reason have been sent back to the MP.

    Search for “Guatemala 900” on the web for more information.

    A neighbor of mine just last week brought her *now 8 year-old* child home. That case should have been a “grandfathered” case, but it became a CNA “Transition” case.

    Also, the CNA has said that it has procedures in place now to begin international adoptions this June. Supposedly there will be a pilot program involving a few countries.

    Beth in MN

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