Sweet Bread from Panaderia San Antonio

Sweet Bread from Panaderia San Antonio

Since I noticed there were a lot of interest about the sweet bread and Panaderia San Antonio shown on the 4th Year Anniversary on May 1, I decided to pay them a visit again, take some shots and grab some cubilites and pan de yemas for the afternoon refacción.

By the way, Panaderia San Antonio is located on 5a calle poniente No. 17, right across from the Rafael Landívar Monument; the nearest cross street is Alameda Santa Lucía. Here’s the Foursquare venue I created for Panaderia San Antonio.

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  • Hmm.. I can just smell this lovely bread.

  • Erin

    Lucky me, this time I won’t die! A few weeks ago, my sister went to Antigua Guatemala and brought me a delicious, glorious, to-die-for pan de yemas de la San Antonio… Buen provecho my friend!

  • Erick

    I wish I had a “scratch-n-sniff” monitor; that panito looks delicious! I’ll take all the trays, please.

  • Cristina

    Panito dulce con café!
    Rudy, que tal si nos regala una foto de un canasto con panito variado: una fila de franceses, un par de pirujos, variedad de pan dulce, champurradas, pan de yemas, etc.
    There´s people that buy campechanas because they think that they´re low calorie bread. In fact, they´re made from the same base dough used for pan francés (which has about 60 cal/1oz serving), but in order to give it it´s shape, it´s slathered mercilessly with shortening.

  • rworange

    Thank you for not only providing the address, but going above and beyond and providing some fantastic new photos and more info about sweet breads.

    Panedria San Antonio is a must stop on future visits of which I hope there will be many.

  • Luis Samayoa

    My favorite “panaderia” when I visit La Antigua Guatemala. I cannot wait for August to come so I can enjoy again my delicious “champurradas” and “conchitas”.