A Room With A View

A Room With A View

Don’t we all would love to have a room with a view? Even though this is not my daily view, I can’t complaint from my rooms with different views towards the jardín florido, flowering garden. 😉


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  • Eric

    Very impressive…nice photo, and nice detail. I like the arched windows very much. One more thing that gives the beautiful buildings in La Antigua their unique style. It’s always good to see entries about “arches” that don’t include the red-and-yellow clown, don’t you think ? 🙂

  • That’s pretty view and photo!

  • Pascu Robredo

    the window you see through this first window was my window for 8 years. My office at El Sitio. Nice pic and nice view. Hummingbirds used to gather around to drink water from the fountain

    • @Pascu, I know, I remember I always loved your room with a view. 😉

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