Stop Pacaya, Stop!

Old Man Waving

I can easily hear a lot of Guatemalans asking just that: Stop Pacaya, Stop!

For those who don’t know, Pacaya is the name of the active volcano south of Guatemala City. Most of the time the volcanic activity of Pacaya is predictable enough that the tourism industry has created tours and added the climb of Volcán de Pacaya as one of the top five things to do in Guatemala. Yesterday, however, Pacaya decided to be naughty and played havoc with Guatemala City, the largest city in Central America. Volcán de Pacaya erupted abruptly, throwing ash and black sand onto Guatemala City and surrounding communities. Here you can see a series of photographs by Eny Roland depicting the damage and chaos created by Pacaya volcano in Guatemala City.

To make matters worse, there was an earthquake and heavy storms began falling yesterday over Guatemala and will continue to fall for the next couple of days. So earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, black sand rains and heavy storms, no wonder Guatemala has become a trending topic in Twitter. 🙁

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  • NicWirtz

    Ahhh, some great people watching and nice photo, has such an easy sense of movement.

    Don’t be sad that Guatemala is a trending topic on Twitter, it’s great. The more people that see us, the more that become curious, the more that visit and the more that end up staying 🙂

  • Eric

    Ah, Don Rudy, gracias for the photo, links and info. My post from “typical breakfast” was not a demand for more photos, rather a lighthearted response to a situation that didn’t look very good. Please excuse my (often inappropriate)sense of humor.
    I am glad to see that the caballero in this fine photo is creating his own cenizas, and not being covered in them. Hope all’s well.
    @Nic, estoy de acuerdo. I hope more people become interested,and come to visit the land of eternal Spring to meet the beautiful people. And I hope they remember to listen to the rhythm of life in a country that, indeed, I just might call ‘home’ someday. I’m just sayin’…. 😉

  • NicWirtz

    We do have a media image problem, my family always complains that Guate is only ever on TV if there are natural disasters or violence. That’s more a complaint about news values than Guatemala.

    They’ve been here so know the other side of the coin but sites like ADP, people like Rudy show a different perspective.

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