Agatha’s Aftermath

Agatha's Aftermath

As the new figures and images keep pouring in it becomes obvious that the tropical storm Agatha has caused more damages in Guatemala than Hurricane Stan in 2005 or Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

By the end of Sunday, May 30, these were the figures 82 dead, 111,964 evacuees, 29,245 in shelters, 13 bridges collapsed, [many] roads blocked by landslides or floods (via webO_o). Climaya calls Guatemala the country most affected but also Honduras and El Salvador were affected by the storm Agatha in Muerte y destrucción causa Agatha en Centroamérica. HablaGuate reported about 15 houses that were destroyed in San Pedro Las Huertas (the village I live in) and all the houses lost in Ciudad Vieja, Sacatepéquez. The list of damages caused by tropical storm Agatha just in Guatemala is an endless river of updates in Twitter and Facebook.

Below I share with you just a few samples so you can get an idea of the current state of Guatemala; not a terra firma country any more but an archipelago of isolated communities. 🙁

Agatha: Así lucen los desagües del Volcan de Agua en San Gaspar; con muchas rocas y lodo. Agatha: Los peores daños se pueden ver entre El Calvario y San Juan del Obispo.

Tropical storm Agatha damages in Ciudad Vieja by HablaGuate at Flickr:

Tropical storm Agatha damages in Guatemala in Climaya at Flickr:

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  • Eric

    Don Rudy, thank you for keeping us posted. Glad to see that you are still giving your readers a view of “daily life”, even under extreme circumstances. Doesn’t seem like 2010 has been a good year, weather-wise, for anyone, anywhere.

  • Manolo

    I am grateful that you and my other loved ones are doing ok given the situation(s). Wow, to hear that the effect of Agatha is more devastating than Mitch or Stan is incredible and it gives context to the disaster. As a trivia fact, did you know that 1998, when the hurricane Mitch hit Guatemala, was also the last year the Pacaya volcano sent volcanic sand(I believe calling it ash is misleading) that reached Guate city? That year there were also forest fires in Peten…

  • Darrin Brown

    Thanks for keeping us updated to the Daily Life. I know things must be tough right now, please know that you guys are in our prayers. Hang in there!

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