Give Me A Hand

Give Me A Hand

You know what I mean! 😉

Okay, let’s review the recent events of the last four days:

1. Fast jolt by an earthquake
2. Pacaya volcano erupted
3. Tropical storm Agatha drowns Guatemala
4. Floods and landslides
5. Massive sinkhole in Guatemala City
6. Guatemala soccer teams loses 5-0 against South Africa (Well, this one might not be a surprise at all)
7. … Are these 2012 signs? 🙁

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  • Eric

    Hmmm…I don’t think any of this has anything to do with 2012. Maybe someone spends a little too much time watching bad Hollywood movies or reading the National Enquirer…? 😉
    As far as the soccer team…can’t help you, there. Did they have a chance to play team U.S.A.? Surely Guate isn’t going to let El Tri have all the fun winning matches against los estadounidenses? Vamanos, chapines! La proxima vez, van a ganar!

  • Diane

    I imagine him to be her brother, practicing his Please Marry Me speech on her so he does not mess it up with his novia?

  • Brian Wozniak

    Any idea where there is a Guatemala futbol schedule? I’ve been trying to catch games somehow, and there are a few websites that will allow you to watch Guatemalan television channels, but I simply cannot find a schedule.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction?