Theme day: Funny sign

El Cofre Sign

What kind of business do you think corresponds to El Cofre sign?

Like every first of the month, today is theme day for City Daily Photo community around the world and this month’s theme is Funny signs. El Cofre sign is not necessarily funny, let’s just call it not a serious sign. 😉

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  • A restaurant??
    Nice color….. and probably nice food if it is a restaurant.

  • I know what it means, but can’t imagine what kind of business it is advertising. The bright colors are fun though, and I love your composition!

  • Begonia

    Hmm…I think I remember El Cofre. Isn’t it a cheerful bookstore/internet cafe?

    I seem to remember that there is (or was) a “funerarios” located kitty-corner from El Cofre. Is that the inspiration for its name?

  • Psychedelic hand-drawn letters, whimsical tree shapes and a muted “natural” color palette. Obviously they sell Earth Shoes to aging hippie gringos! The found object tree brach is my favorite detail 😉

  • Begonia is right about the type of business (according to Dr. Google). I am still trying to figure out and test your “social bar” (double-entendre anyone?).

  • Eric

    I remember seeing El Cofre, but I don’t think I’ve ever been in the store…from the colors and the style, I’d guess the store sells jewelry and ‘vacation clothes’ for turistas.
    @Braaad, I get the same vibe – not sure what they’re selling, but it’s got “c’mon in, gringos, we accept dolares” written all over it. Sorry, Don Rudy, I don’t know enough about the store to get the “non-serious” part 🙁

  • I think it’s a pirate store!

  • I thought it would be cafe? for coffee and book?

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    My Bangkok Through My Eyes

  • Pattie

    My first guess is internet cafe. But, if might make an interesting name for a “loan service”.

  • Intriguing, Rudy! I thought maybe it was a bar because if your spouse caught you in it you’d be dead :-), but really no clue. Very fun, though.