Pasadores Coloniales

Pasadores Coloniales

Can you guess what kind of furniture has these fasteners on it? Hint, hint, a recent sign has the word you’re looking for…

P.S. is fastener the right word for these metal bolt-pins?

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  • Eric

    Hmmm….. I’ll guess “un cofre”. Am I close ?
    “Fastener” works for me. “Fittings” or “hardware” could work, too, pero yo entendi perfectamente!

  • Luis

    The most apropriate word would be “lock” for “cerradura” or “chapa”.

  • Santiago

    I agree with Eric. Probably found on a cofre. The shutters on my kitchen window (colonial era) have similar fittings.

  • Manolo
  • Eric

    @Manolo – “latch” is good, too, although I’ve always associated “latch” with a hinged joint, not the elegant interlocking-rings seen here. But “latch” is perfect.
    What I really want to know is, what’s in this cofre? Tesoros de piratas? Secretos de la Familia Real? Hmmm….