Guatemala Green: Recycling Hi-Tech Junk

e-Waste de Guatemala

I have always believe that Green should be the color of Guatemala; green should be the flag and all other national iconography like money. Guatemala is green, green, green…

So today we begin a mini-series to show you some of the “green” initiatives are available just around Antigua Guatemala. I will not try to be thorough about what green projects there are in Antigua or even in Guatemala. I will just share with you what’s the most obvious. Also, I may simply share a little description of the ecological initiative or project and let you do all the reading at their web sites.

Grab a glass “green” iced tea and enjoy the encouraging and hopeful green enterprises.

e-Waste de Guatemala basically has three goals or programs: awareness, education and pick-up and disposal of electronic junk. This is what they say in their welcome page:

Somos una Asociación no lucrativa 100% Guatemalteca dedicada a la preservación del medio ambiente a través del manejo de desechos electrónicos, uno de sus objetivos principales es llevar a cabo programas de divulgación y educación , así como la implementación de campañas de acopio y selección de desperdicios electrónicos. (continuar leyendo… )

We are a 100% Guatemalan non-profit association dedicated to the preservation of the environment through the management [collection and disposal] of electronic waste. Our main goals are the implementation of awareness and educational programs as well as the imprementation of collection and selection of electronic junk. (continue reading… Ñ)

Do they have a similar initiative in the city where you live?

Green Recommendation: If you live in the U.S., Canada or Europe, make sure your government or medium or large corporations do NOT dump electronic waste or junk as donations on the “Third World.” If it is electronic junk produced in your country, make sure it is properly disposed or recycled in your country. Thanks!

e-Waste de Guatemala picks up electronic junk e-Waste de Guatemala picks up electronic trash

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  • Diane

    I love this! When I was teaching my students about China this winter, I had a slide with a woman and child picking through electronic waste to sort and save. How sad to earn a living through picking through what should have been recycled on site. Personally, here in central Indiana, we have enough people that like to tinker with electronics, make new machines from old parts, that those of us with a will, make it happen. I’d much rather a teenager practice with my old stuff than have it sit and degrade the earth in a dump! If nothing else, the old towers make pretty good book shelf plank holders!

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