Father’s Day in Guatemala

Father's Day in Guatemala

In Guatemala we could and should write the Manifesto against Convenience. Why you ask? Well, can you believe that we still observe holidays and celebrations on the date they were created. Mother’s Day on May 10, Father’s Day on June 17, Santiago de los Caballeros on July 25 (Saint James), et cetera. In Guatemala holidays and festivities are not celebrated on the weekend unless that’s date a holiday falls.

Today, for instance, in Guatemala we celebrate Día del padre, Father’s Day. So I decided to share with you three photos of a series of a father and her daughter having a tender lunch. The little girl refused to take the byte unless her dad gave it to her on the mouth. These three photos are in reverse order, so the first frame is the thumbnail on the right, next the thumbnail of the left and finally the photograph above as they break into smiles and happy moments. There other photos with both of them smiling, but I love the mirada juguetona, playful look of the little girl.

Also, I am also sharing with you a video of the song “Viejo, mi querido viejo” by Piero, which is played very often today in Guatemala. If you’re walking around in Guatemala, it’s quite likely that you will overhear it.

I would love to hear your comments and feedback regarding today’s entry. When is Father’s Day celebrated where you live?

Father's Day in Guatemala 2 Father's Day in Guatemala 3

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  • Shelley

    What a sweet moment you captured between the daughter and father! And the song, I have tears in my eyes.

  • Terrill

    Loved the pictures of father and daughter.It’s moments like that you must treasure!While my husband and I are not Guatemalan, our daughter is(adopted 7 yrs ago)—so everything I see, hear, or read that comes from there, touches me in a special way—so thank you!

  • Catherine from Oregon

    Oh Rudy, this is so precious. She reminds me of a little bird. Thanks for such a touching story and beautiful phoos.

  • In NORWAY we celebrate “Father`s Day” the second sunday in November.
    I think this is a very very nice posting. Quite emotional too! Thanks for sharing it.