Colorful Guatemalan Wooden Handicrafts

Colorful Guatemalan Wooden Handicrafts

I am a firm believer that if Alfred Hitchcock had lived in Guatemala his nightmares would have been in Technicolor. Certainly, Hitchcock would have used colorful tropical birds in the film The Birds.

What do you think?

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  • How can I purchase a tall giraffe, I already have a small one….

  • This looks like a wonderful shop to browse around in!

  • La Buena Indian

    Is this the shop close to your office, and opposite La Fuente ? I think its name is Miko with a sign of a monkey. Saw the place 3 yrs ago while coming to your office.

    • @La buena indian, actually this is not Mico, but an entirely different shop. It’s amazing that you still remember Mico.

  • Cristina

    Un monton de tucanes, gorriones, xaras y guardabarrancos dejandose ir en picada sobre los habitantes de LAG. Hitchcock a la Tortrix