Chunches y Chunchitos Sign

Chunches y Chunchitos Sign

“Chunches y Chunchitos” is what a call a creative Guatemalan name for a business. What do you think they sell inside and do you know what those words mean?

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  • Manolo

    Knicks and knacks… btw, never say chunche to a Nicaraguan… but it is completely transparent for a Costarrican.

    • Michael Bosio

      In Ecuador you don’t want to use the word chucho for dog. The widely adapted Quechua word chucho is an incredibly derogatory slang word for a particular part of the female anatomy i.e. our equivalent of the C-word.

  • Scrunchies!

  • Diane Brooks

    Creo que Manolo tiene razón. ¿Son unas palabras chapines?

  • Isaias Ixpata

    It sounds more like, Stuffs and little stuffs.