Coffee, Bagels and Free Wifi

Coffee, Bagels and Free Wifi

The Bagel Barn is a popular venue in La Antigua Guatemala for getting a bagel sandwich, great coffee and checking your email. There are electric plugs all along the walls so you can even get some juice for your laptop. These are also good reasons to have “power breakfast” or lunch meetings at the Bagel Barn.

The original Bagel Barn is located a few steps from Central Park, almost on the corner of Portal de Las Panaderas. A new second Bagel Barn was recently opened one block west, on the same street, from the original Bagel Barn. Below I am sharing a 20-second clip to get an overview of the place.

Have you visited The Bagel Barn while visiting Antigua Guatemala?

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  • We have a place that makes and sells soup and sandwiches and is famous for their baked goods. Not sure if it is a franchise or not…

    Panera Bread

    Always see a laptop or two. Soup and sandwiches.
    And bagels to go for us, usually.

  • Eric

    Sorry, Rudy, I’ve never visited Bagel Barn. If I were living in La Antigua, maybe every once in awhile I would stop in for a bagel, shmear, and a cup o’ coffee. But my time in the land of eternal spring is always short(never enough!), and there are too many places for cafe y pan dulce, atol, and other goodies that I can’t get here in the Northeast corner pocket. Maybe it’s a bit too much like home…or maybe it’s las camareras en Dona Luisa’s…. 😉

  • Looks like a great place! I’d definitely swing in their for some coffee and yummy pastry treats!

  • dg

    I’m all for globalization, but I find this picture a bit sad. I guess tourists/expats don’t go to Antigua for the culture. Chancletas en la calle?! Ni que fuera el puerto.

  • Luis

    Thank you Rudy. One more place to visit on my next trip this coming August to La Antigua Guatemala. This time I will have enough time to visit several of the places you have suggested because I will be staying in LAG for one month.

  • Manolo

    I feel it is a gross over-generalization to say that foreigners don’t go to LAG for the culture. I also find a bit pejorative the comment about the “chancletas” (flip-flops). It is after all officially Summer in our hemisphere (Rudy has mentioned here, I think, the issue that what it is called Winter in Guatemala is only the rainy season and due to its location Guatemala is right now in Summer, that is why it rains so much). I am currently taking a training course at a university in central Canada (not where I live) and because it is Summer the usual attire for both men and women can include “chancletas”. I guess one learns to be less stuck up when confronted to “the Other”.

  • Cristina

    Actually, I agree with DG. Chancletas are way too informal for most of us highland people. Plus there´s the matter of safety: I think it´s safer to walk barefoot than wear flipflops in general, but especially on cobblestones. Great way to twist an ankle! I´ve walked around LAG in sneakers, alpargatas with a platform and 3 inch heels (just once, for a wedding), but we´d have to be in the middle of a 7.2 degree earthquake for anyone to catch me in chancletas on the street.
    As for the Bagel Barn, definitely another place I need to visit. I just need the time and the money to spend at least one week going to all these interesting places.

  • Eric

    @ mis amigos: regarding las chancletas, you all make very good points. But let us not forget the greater point, which Rudy has illustrated before…if we don’t let him wear chancletas y jeans, he will be forced to wear chancletas y cortes, and the glare from those milky-white shins will be blinding, no? 🙂
    … I promise, on my next visit, I will only wear my Tevas when no one is looking….

  • Dakota

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Dennis Wheeler? He was the Best Man in my wedding 29 years ago, and I would like to get back in touch with him and the family. Any help I would appreciate it.

    • @Dakota, you can call the restaurant Doña Luisa Xicotencatl at +1(502)7832-2578 or Parlama Sport Fishing at +(502) 5704-4254 to get in touch with Dennis Wheeler.

  • I don’t know why everyone’s so upset about flip-flops- I see gringos AND Indigenous women wearing them all the time. All I know is Bagel Barn is too damn hot to sit in right now, no matter what your choice in footwear.

  • dg

    I was being facetious, for the most part, when I made my comments. I think it’s great that there are bagels in Guatemala. As for the chancletas, they are contrary to proper highland, ladino culture. Indigena women wear them because that is what they can afford. I envy people who can wear cancletas in public in Tierra Fria without being self-conscious. By the way Rudy, I love your pictures.

  • You could always wear them with socks maybe 😉