Palo de Izote Reflected

Palo de Izote Reflected

Palo de Izote is the Mesoamerican cousin of the Joshua or Yucca tree. I have a fascination with the Izote tree; I don’t know why, maybe its many branches that look like arms and hands.

Anyhow, I like it and it’s used often in the hedgerows around Antigua Guatemala. Its white flowers are edible and they are considered a delicacy. The izote tree flower is also the national flower for the neighboring country of El Salvador.

So far I have posted several photos of the palo de izote tree, but Palo de Izote Tree is my favorite. I might even include it in my Antigua Abstracta series. I also like today’s version of Palo de Izote.

How about you, which one you like better?

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  • Eric

    I say today’s is the best so far, Rudy. Palo de Izote or Yucca Tree flower was many shades of green with the white flowers, but today’s photo catches my eye more. The tree, the reflection, ripples in the water, the texture of the water tank’s borders…it’s a mini-masterpiece, Ja-ja-ja!